About Johnny and the G-Rays

The following was taken from a review by Kevin McGowan of the music website It Came From Canada (no longer active), published in November 2008:

"A little lost nugget of punk, rockabilly, and new wave from Toronto circa 1980. Johnny and the G-Rays were the brainchild of Johnny MacLeod (lead vocals, main songwriter, and guitar), Harri Palm on lead guitar, Robert G. Macdonald on bass, and Bent Rasmussen on drums."

"It's top-grade rock and roll, with a little bit of Iggy and the Stray Cats. The G-Rays do play an important role in the history of Candian punk rock. Johnny played in a country band called the Country Lads, while Harri and Bent were in the Eels (who would later evolve into the Diodes)."

"The album Every Twist Reminds was produced by Stacy Heydon (Iggy/Bowie guitarist), and released on Basement Records out of Toronto."

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